Speedwall® Intertenancy Systems 2016 provide methods for building highly secure inter-tenancy walls that go up fast, providing occupants with private, quiet spaces.

Speedwall® Intertenancy Systems 2016 have been specifically designed for residential and commercial inter-tenancy systems.













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Terraced Housing  Apartments


Having the security of two layers of steel and aerated concrete between tenancies allows for a strong solid wall on both sides. The peace of mind that’s provided to occupants knowing that they’re wrapped up in their own property physically separated from the neighbour helps with living in close-quarters.


The unique Speedwall® panels are solid and dense, locking together to provide the quiet that can only be achieved with an aerated concrete core. Residents are left comforted in their own space, without the interruption of the other occupancies.


Because Speedwall® panels provide all the fire protection you need, you can run electrical and plumbing services on the inter-tenancy wall, without the need for special penetration seals around each pipe or light switch. This allows you the flexibility of placing the TV and kitchen where you want, and the ability to hang pictures on the wall without compromising the fire and noise resistance of the Inter-tenancy wall.