It is important to us that you are comfortable and secure in your home.

With Speedwall between you and your neighbour, you are protected against both noise and fire.

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Speedwall® Intertenancy Systems provide ratings ranging from STC 63 to STC 69.  The minimum requirement in NZ for intertenancy walls is 55 STC (Sound Transmission Class).  Speedwall® Intertenancy Systems also protects against the more invasive lower frequencies, so you won’t hear that booming base.

Speedwall® Intertenancy System has a minimum -/60/60 Fire Resistance Rating (FRR).

This means that you get 60 minutes before flame, smoke or toxic gases can break through; and 60 minutes before the non-fire side reaches a maximum temperature of 165 Deg C.  This is double NZ’s minimum requirement of -/30/30.

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Speedwall is a healthy product that does not produce any VOC emissions.

By making a product that is fast and efficient to install, we contribute to making housing more affordable.  faster than a conventional build.